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Welcome to the Food Matters recipes and articles page, below you will find informative articles keeping you up to date on the latest nutrition and natural health tips and remedies. Enjoy!

You buy organic, you shop locally, but what you might not realize is that you are doing 3 things that are destroying nutrients in your foods… Discover the top 3 culprits that are stealing your nutrients! ... continue reading
We found this young girl's story inspiring, along with thousands of other people who now turn to Lin to channel in on her nourishing & inspiring experience daily! Learn how she overcame her eating disorder and how you can rediscover your relationship with food! ... continue reading
How your body thrives is dependent on your digestive health. When your gut is unhealthy you might start experiencing some tell tale signs. Discover 10 signs that your gateway to health is impaired and how you can restore its function. ... continue reading
The world is backed up, and so much so that a bowel movement every few days is deemed normal. A number of things contribute to this, not allowing us to go at least once a day! Before you reach for over-the-counter solutions, give these 5 natural methods a go! ... continue reading
Did you know that approximately 70-80% of your immune tissue is located within your digestive system? Find out more and a mouth-watering immune boosting recipe PLUS we’re giving away 5 awesome ebooks for FREE! ... continue reading
We all know how important it is to nourish our body, and sometimes we forget about our bodies largest organ... the skin! Minutes to make, money-saving, body-loving recipes! ... continue reading
If you're in the UK or know any friends that live there, come and say hi! I'm going to be there for 2 nights only. London & Liverpool, July 22nd and 23rd. Both events are FREE. See you there! ... continue reading


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